SIP Trunking for Multiple Sites

Take advantage of nexVortex SIP Trunking for your multi-site application to reduce your telecom spend while leveraging the full capabilities of your IP-PBX.  nexVortex SIP Trunking solutions are a natural fit for multiple-site applications whether you are using a single PBX with multiple remote phones deployed at smaller offices or for applications with multiple PBX’s at multiple offices. To learn more about the benefits of SIP Trunking for multi- site applications, please read this Case Study.

Traditional Multiple-Site Installation

In the past, customers were faced with buying PRI or Analog line connectivity for each individual location, leaving them with under-utilized circuits, multiple vendors to manage and a high telecom spend.


nexVortex Multiple-Site Installation

nexVortex multi-site customers take advantage of free SIP trunk channels to achieve maximum utilization of trunk channels while benefitting from the ability to scale trunking capacity up or down across multiple locations and devices as needed. This capability is provided in addition to flat-rate billing, local E911 for each office/remote phone, disaster recovery with site-to-site failover, and central control through an easy-to-use account management portal. Achieve cost savings over traditional connectivity while simplifying the account management of your multi-site environment with nexVortex.


Features and Benefits of nexVortex Multi-Site Trunking

Scalable Trunking on Demand

Trunking Channels are free with your nexVortex account, giving you the ability to scale up and down as needed to meet peak calling periods.  Instead of buying enough PRI’s or analog lines for peak demand, nexVortex SIP service allows you to achieve full utilization of your trunking channels.

One Account with Multiple Sites

Only one account is needed for your multiple offices.  Sharing your service plan across multiple locations enables you to pool your trunking resources on a single account, adding to your telecom savings while providing simple vendor management. Multi-Account, Multi-Office solutions are also available if required.

Disaster Recovery with Auto-Detection

nexVortex Auto-Detecting Disaster Recovery Module enables you to set pre-determined failover routes for all of your DID and Toll Free numbers. If a site is down nexVortex will auto-detect the inbound failure and re-route your inbound call to another IP-PBX, secondary IP connection, or back-up PRI or analog line.  Each DID or Toll Free number can have specific failover rules with up to three failover rules per number.

High Quality Voice

In addition to high-quality routing, the nexVortex call processing architecture provides our customers with superior call quality with a platform built for scalability and redundancy.

Utilize your Existing Broadband Connection

No additional investment is needed provided you have an internet connection with enough broadband access.  nexVortex can assist you in verifying you have the correct IP infrastructure in place or recommend an appropriate connection for your application.

Flexible Billing Plans

nexVortex can customize a plan to meet your specific needs with options for month-to-month or term agreements. Custom pricing with short-term service plan agreements offer both value and flexibility.

Emergency Services

Your safety is important to us. nexVortex offers 911 and E911 support for multiple locations, including remote use.

Advanced Web Portal

Through your own account portal you can manage number routing, disaster recovery failover settings, real-time billing, and reporting among other account tools.  New numbers for new locations are ordered with the click of a mouse.  Number Port orders can be submitted directly through your portal allowing you to instantly preset number routes and disaster recovery failover settings. The nexVortex powerful multi-user Web Portal allows you to manage number routing and disaster recovery failover settings as well as view real-time billing.

Interoperability with Most IP-PBX platforms and Gateways

nexVortex makes set up easy as we are interoperable with most IP-PBX’s. A SIP to TDM gateway can be used for those offices that have PBX systems that are not SIP-compatible. A list of the equipment and software that has been certified and tested is available by clicking here.

To learn more about how nexVortex can assist you in addressing your multiple-site calling needs, please call +1.855.639.8888 or email

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