Why the Cloud?


Why the Cloud?

“The Cloud” has become part of everyday vocabulary, but as an umbrella phrase, it covers a lot of ground.

It means that all the networking infrastructure, storage, and computing power needed are connected within the Internet as opposed to residing in a private enterprise IT center. Via software, all those resources can be combined to deliver services.

The Cloud has grown as Networks across the world moved to a common technology based on IP (Internet Protocol). Carriers have deployed fiber ubiquitously in the network backbone and now into the local access which has allowed Internet access speeds to more than triple in the past 3 years.

Speed, capacity, computing power, and a common network technology (IP) have all converged to power the Cloud which in turn has changed the economics of delivering every service, including the most important one of all – Voice.

The Cloud has changed the economics of delivering every service, including voice.

Flexibility & Agility

When connected to the cloud, resources are available immediately; employees can call and work from anywhere as long as they have an IP connection.

Flexible capacity makes growth easy.

Better Business Models

Voice is delivered in the cloud using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol; the language of the Internet) which is significantly less expensive than legacy interconnection technologies like analog lines or PRIs. When applications like voice are run in the Cloud, the business owner no longer has to worry about maintenance, software upgrades or capital investment.

Lower cost and fewer headaches.

Disaster Recovery

When voice applications are connected to the Cloud, if one location as an outage or a building has a fire, calls can be rerouted to other locations including cell phones. Employees can move to other locations and immediately get back to work.

Time is money and business continuity means survival.

Why nexVortex?

We have been delivering Cloud Communication Services for over ten years and have maintained a 99% customer retention rate. Our portfolio has steadily expanded to include SIP Trunking, Managed SIP Trunking, Hosted Voice, Toll Free Service, Fax and other key business services.

So whether you own a PBX and need SIP Trunking to connect you to the Cloud or are retiring your PBX or choose not to invest in one and want voice services delivered from the Cloud – we have your solution.

99% Customer Retention Rate.

What sets us apart?

Our people, our culture and an unwavering commitment to providing peerless and Uncommon Support set us apart from our competition.

Of course we have also invested heavily in our geographically redundant network (nodes in Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Dallas and soon — California), a fully staffed Network Operations Center and peering relationships with AT&T, Comcast, Internap, Level3, Mammoth, US Signal and Verizon.

People buy from people, trust is earned and so our culture is one of service to our customers.

It is borne out of the promise to be Uncommon in EVERYTHING we do. We established ourselves on four overarching tenets: Uncommon Service, Uncommon Know-How, Uncommon Commitment, and Uncommon Innovation.

We hired the experts so you don’t have to, and we’ve made the investment in infrastructure, processes and operational discipline to deliver cost-effective, dependable, and reliable service—on time, all the time.

So, if you have Cloud communication needs and want to save money without sacrificing quality or service, call us to experience what Uncommon is all about.

nexVortex: Uncommon Cloud Communications.

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