What Makes Great Marketing Great?

What Makes Great Marketing Great?

It’s no longer about finding, but about being found. Your grandparents – even your parents, for that matter – wouldn’t recognize much of what defines today’s most successful marketing.  Back in the day, a small number of media or advertising gatekeepers pushed out...
4 Benefits of Employee Engagement

4 Benefits of Employee Engagement

If your employees aren’t engaged, can you expect your customers to be? While the advantages of a caring workforce may seem self-evident — surprisingly — employee engagement has only recently entered common business nomenclature. Let’s use an airline analogy.  Imagine...
Do Value Added ServicesReally Work?

Do Value Added Services
Really Work?

Assessing the benefits of value added services. Your competition is only a few simple clicks away from your customers – most of the time, less. What are you going to do about it? One strategy for staying afloat in a global market is to provide a little something extra...
Value-Added 101Some Things to Consider

Value-Added 101
Some Things to Consider

Value-added services can give your product or service an edge over the competition, and while they are no longer a secret weapon, they can help cement your relationship with your customers. Value-added services are generally marketed as premium features and add-ons to...