Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Nine (9) ways to build customer loyalty. Selling a product or service to new customers is the way companies build their business.  An even better road to success is to have your customers buy from you again…and again. Building customer loyalty ensures that your...
Social Media for Business:Are You Ready for 2018?

Social Media for Business:
Are You Ready for 2018?

Keeping your company in the modern social media loop is not only important, it’s essential. In one of our last blogs we discussed branding and why it is important.  In this blog we are going to investigate the necessity for your business to be active on social media. ...
It’s Important to Build a Brand:“I Promise”

It’s Important to Build a Brand:
“I Promise”

7 Rules to Build Your Company’s Brand So often in the high-tech business of delivering telecommunication services, we all tend to focus on the technology we use or which we deliver to our customers. It is amazing stuff and it’s the reason that many people who start...
Lessons Learned —  Inc. 5000 for the 7th Consecutive Year

Lessons Learned — Inc. 5000 for the 7th Consecutive Year

It doesn’t happen by chance: growing your company is hard work. The Inc. 5000 is a prestigious list to land on. Those who do are hailed as the innovators, vision makers, and job generators, ranked among the greatest privately-held companies out there. For nexVortex,...
BYOD in the WorkplaceWhat You Need to Know

BYOD in the Workplace
What You Need to Know

If you have ever seen a rotary phone in person – perhaps in an antique store or maybe tucked away in a closet in your grandmother’s house – you may have laughed or looked at it like a museum relic. It’s kind of amazing to think about how far communications technology...