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Change is never easy especially when dealing with new technology. The team at nexVortex understands that sometimes it is better to get comfortable with a new service before committing your entire organization to it. Therefore we have devised a series of migration plans to comfortably move you from using analog lines or PRIs for your PBX interconnection to using SIP Trunking.

Migration Strategy: Start by Using SIP for Outbound Calling Only

Most SIP compatible PBX systems allow you to set up outbound call rules for your users and departments. Get started by subscribing to one of our cost effective, burstable SIP Trunking Plans, and then set nexVortex as your primary outbound carrier while temporarily keeping your PRI’s for inbound traffic.

You can present the caller ID of your existing number(s) by listing them in the “From” field in your PBX. nexVortex will honor the caller ID and pass it to the called party just as if it had been delivered outbound over your PRI. Using nexVortex SIP Trunking will also honor local E911 so local authorities (PSAP) know where your calling from and who you are.

Our Cost Effective Pricing Plans Come with Benefits

nV Series SIP Trunking service plans include unlimited concurrent calls for outbound calling and flat rate calling in the continental US and Canada. Each service plan includes a bundle of minutes, an amount of DID numbers, Auto Detecting Disaster Recovery and a fully featured web portal for you and your staff.

Same day account set up and provisioning can have you up and running the same day. When you start with SIP for outbound calling, you have a built-in disaster recovery solution. In the event that your PRI is cut or goes down, you can ask your PRI provider to forward inbound calls to nexVortex DIDs and both inbound and outbound calls can be handled by our SIP Trunking Solution.

Start Slow, Then Grow

The nV150 service plan is a great way to start. This service plan is set up the same day it is ordered, includes a nice bundle of minutes and unlimited SIP Trunk Channels (concurrent calls).  See other small business service plans.

You can begin to use the service for all your outbound calls or for just a subset of numbers and then add more numbers as you become more comfortable with our service and its quality.

Our flat rate outbound calling will eliminate those high cost and hard to understand intra-state, inter-lata, and inter-state calling rates and when using SIP Trunking for outbound calling only you don’t need to port your numbers.

Once you are comfortable with our SIP Service, let it begin handling outbound calling too and retire your expensive PRI or analog lines.

With a national footprint for DIDs and E911 nexVortex has you covered as your locations come off of term agreements and you migrate your business calling (inbound and outbound) to SIP Trunking.

Highlights of This Migration Strategy

Immediate Benefits

  • Flat rate calling
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Same day provisioning

Common Uses

  • Testing & evaluation
  • Extra capacity
  • Phased migration
  • Disaster recovery

Required Components

  • SIP enabled PBX
  • Internet connection

Change is never easy, but with nexVortex SIP migration plans, it can be. We reduce risk, we reduce cost and we reduce stress.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Easy to do business with
  • Extremely experienced team
  • Fast and flexible in responding to customer needs
  • Reporting tools for complete visibility

What Makes Us Unique

  • Easy to do business with
  • Extremely experienced team
  • Fast and flexible in responding to customer needs
  • Reporting tools for complete visibility

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