The Business Reality


Running a large medical practice is a challenging task. With changes in health care, all parts of the business must run at the highest level of efficiency without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

We have a centralized PBX for our voice service at one of our larger imaging centers which serves both that location, as well as a number of medium-sized imaging centers in the same geographic area, but we also have about five other sites, each with their own PBX and multiple PRIs.

Our radiologists are on the phone constantly providing consults on their readings to both hospitals and patients across the country. Our voice service needs to perform.

One thing I’ve come to learn is that PRIs are expensive and it always seems that at some of our imaging centers, the PRIs never reach high utilization and I feel like I’m paying for capacity that I’m not using.


The Service Requirements

  • We need to get off using PRIs at all our locations to save money but have been nervous about moving to SIP.
  • We have seen finger pointing between network equipment vendors, IT teams, and the service provider.  Nobody seems to be able to pinpoint network trouble and fix it in a timely manner — it’s always the other guy’s fault.
  • No one seems to be able to prove or track their voice quality levels.  We MUST have a quality solution; our conversations are mission critical. We’ll pay for quality if someone is willing to guarantee it.

We heard about a solution delivered by nexVortex called Managed SIP or mSIP which sounds like it might meet our requirements.

nexVortex Managed SIP (mSIP)

While standard SIP service is fine for most businesses, it utilizes the public internet for transport of the voice stream which at times is unpredictable and that can impact voice quality.

So, we expanded our SIP Trunking service to include mSIP – a managed SIP trunking service.

Our solution begins by looking at the delivery of voice service from the instant it leaves the PBX until it’s delivered to the called party, and we ensure it is performing.

  • The voice traffic is transported over our private, nationwide, geo-redundant MPLS network; therefore, we control the quality.
  • We deploy ADTRAN CPE on the premise to provide visibility, monitoring and voice quality marking.
  • We measure voice quality before the call leaves the premise and at various points in the call path. We know if it is performing.
  • Our powerful monitoring and reporting tools (nVSM – nexVortex Service Management) can determine if the problem is the IP PBX, the local loop or the core network. Its ability to compare voice quality to known standards provides proof of performance
  • We monitor and automatically report on network troubles for definitive trouble shooting.


A Complete Solution


What makes nexVortex mSIP Uncommon? We’ve invested in the infrastructure and tools necessary, but more importantly, we measure it, monitor it, prove it, and guarantee it.

Our mSIP solution can meet the needs of the medical practice described, help them retire expensive PRIs, and move to the future with confidence.

Let us do the same for you.

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