The Business Reality

As an auto parts distribution business, when a customer calls, I dispatch materials from part depots dispersed throughout the country. I choose the depot closest to the customer needing parts, but those calls are all answered at a central location at our company headquarters.

We had our challenges trying to find a company that could handle the demands of our 1-800 service.

Fortunately, we found nexVortex.

Here were a few of our challenges:

  • Depending on the time of year, our call volume can vary tremendously. Our traffic can be bursty.
  • Our vanity 1-800 number is part of our branding strategy, customers know it, and we need to keep it.
  • We run marketing campaigns using different 1-800 numbers attached to various forms of media (billboards, online, print ads), and we would like to measure their effectiveness.
  • If we ever lose service due to a local, regional or nationwide network issue, our customers must STILL be able to call us.  We need business continuity.
I need business continuity. Fortunately, we found nexVortex.

The Service Requirements

My business needs a Toll-Free Service that’s not only reliable, but has a level of disaster recovery I can depend on.

I’ve used Toll-Free providers in the past whose “disaster recovery solution” was to forward my Toll-Free number to my cell phone in the event of a local or long distance network issue. That’s not an acceptable solution.

nexVortex Toll Free – What’s Different?

nexVortex looked at the big picture and architected a solution to meet our real-world business requirements.

We now have a disaster recovery solution which addresses network issues at the local, regional, and national level.

Through our portal we can configure multiple disaster recovery handling scenarios for each Toll Free number.

With our new solution, if calls are not terminating to our main PBX due to a fiber cut or other local network issue, we can choose to:

  • Fail-over the Toll Free Number to a secondary PBX at a different location.
  • If that PBX is unreachable, calls can fail-over again to a tertiary PBX.
  • Calls can be even be failed over to an auto attendant or a cell phone.
  • Or… any combination of the above.


What Is an Independent RespOrg?

Let’s say there’s a nationwide issue impacting service. If “Carrier A” has the main responsibly to move 1-800 calls to the local PBX and that Carrier’s network has issues, nexVortex still protects the business owner.

nexVortex has been certified as an Independent RespOrg or “responsible organization.” This means that if the primary carrier of voice traffic has a major network issue, we can steer that voice traffic to a different secondary carrier so that calls aren’t lost.

Most Toll Free providers can’t do that, and they only rely on one carrier to deliver Toll Free calls, meaning if that carrier is off the air… so is the business.

With the ability to preset disaster recovery handling via our portal and our certification as a RespOrg, it’s easy to see how seriously we take business continuity and disaster recovery.

Key Aspects of nexVortex Toll Free

The parts distribution business described above had other needs, including the ability to measure marketing campaigns and marketing ROI. Our portal includes an extensive set of reporting tools allowing the business owner the ability to run reports on 1-800 numbers to discover which marketing media is the most effective for individual campaigns.

A business owner is able to determine from which geography traffic is originating, helping them determine potential areas of growth by geographic region.

Our burstable trunks means that calls don’t get blocked or returned a busy signal during peak calling times.

So if you want your “money line” to be protected then trust your Toll Free to nexVortex.

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