Business Reality

I own an event planning company which supports and provides logistics for major trade shows when they come to our town. We’re located in a beautiful part of the county, and spring, summer, and fall are our busiest seasons. Most shows extend over the weekends as guests partake in outdoor activities such as white water rafting or hiking to see the fall foliage.

We’re a full service operation, providing everything from support at the trade show itself to scheduling all transportation to and from special events, concierge services for special guests, room registration, and anything needed to coordinate the logistics of a major show.

Communication is the lifeblood of my business, but it’s also one of my greatest challenges. During the peak seasons, my employee roster grows from five year-round people to between 25 to 35 people (depending on how many concurrent events we have).

I need a communication solution with the flexibility to support my peak need of 35 people down to the off-season when I only have five employees. I need to have employees work in temporary office space or remotely out of their homes. I have a PBX but need scalable service plans.

Service Requirements

The solution must:

  • Allow me to scale up and down depending on the season with billing based on minutes (not lines).
  • Allow me to easily set up temporary remote offices for seasonal employees.
  • I need a conferencing service since my team has cross-functional planning calls with each of our clients on an ongoing basis.
  • I’d like to ensure that in the event of any problem that I have some assurance of a back-up or disaster recovery plan, because if my phones go down, event coordination comes to a screeching halt.
  • My employees need to be protected by a robust E911 solution no matter where their work location (office, home, or remote).

The nexVortex Solution

My company found the solution in nexVortex SIP Trunking. They connect my PBX as well as my remote employees’ phones to the Cloud. All they need is an IP phone and a broadband connection.

I didn’t want to pay for a fixed number of individual lines or channels since it’s difficult to forecast when it’ll get busy and I didn’t want to overpay for unneeded capacity. Therefore, I chose a flat-rate calling plan based on minutes consumed each month, allowing me to “burst” to as many concurrent calls as I need at any given time.

The calling plan is good for calls in the continental US and Canada which simplifies my decision making. It also comes with a block of numbers and I can purchase more if I need them. That helps me on-board new employees quickly as the busy season picks up steam.

nexVortex also has a conferencing service and an electronic fax service. The conference service supports between two and 20 members and can be billed based on usage, so I can provide accurate billing back to the trade show company as part of my coordination contract. The fax service can send and receive faxes via email or via a nexVortex supplied gateway for use with legacy fax machines.

“My company is very happy with the disaster recovery capability because nexVortex not only has geographic redundancy built into their solution (it runs in multiple data centers throughout the US), but through their user-friendly portal, I’m able to configure multiple fail-over scenarios in the event one or more of my locations (HQ or remote employee) are impacted. I can have calls roll-over and be handled by another PBX or I can have them routed to other phones or to an auto-attendant.”

My Remote Workers are Protected

I know my employees are protected with the nexVortex E911 solution. They have the ability to dial “311” from their phones and the service reads back the address to which the phone is registered in the E911 system.

As part of our best practices each employee dials that number to check on address assignment every month and the team at nexVortex has the address checking as part of their normal turn-up procedure.

The nexVortex SIP Trunking service has everything I need from flexible pricing to robust disaster recovery, multi-location support and E911 to protect my employees.

As a seasonal business, I could not have found a better solution

Whether your business is seasonal or you just require the flexibility and value which our SIP Trunking Solution offers, let’s connect and see what we can do to help you meet your communications needs.


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