SD-WAN Solution

small businesses and branch offices can enjoy the efficiencies provided by SD-WAN technology

Software Defined – Wide Area Network or SD-WAN, offers business users significant benefits when managing ground-to-cloud connections. Done right, SD-WAN delivers higher availability, greater quality, and lower costs. Unfortunately, this technology has been relegated to larger enterprises due to it’s complexity and cost.  nexVortex’s Managed Connect product changes this dynamic and puts the power of SD-WAN into the hands of small business owners.

nexVortex’s mConnect supports two ISP WAN connections for high-availability. If your primary ISP connection goes down, traffic is automatically shifted to your backup circuit. If you don’t have two ISP connections, that’s okay.  mC was designed with wireless LTE in mind.  Simply add an LTE modem for your second WAN circuit. mConnect’s patent-pending QAV technology ensures that your critical applications get the priority and quality they deserve.  For example, mConnect will automatically duplicate and recombine audio voice packets to reduce packet loss and increase voice quality. mConnect is designed for plug and play installations and is managed using a cloud-based portal.

Each business is different and each has different priorities. This includes your internet traffic. Some internet services or traffic are high priority while other traffic – not so much. mConnect allows users to isolate and protect the high-value traffic. Doing so means that low-value traffic won’t consume additional resources making mConnect more affordable compared to “one class for all” solutions.


  • Ground-to-cloud business continuity
  • Full integration with nexVortex Managed Hosted
    Voice and Managed SIP Trunking
  • Protection of business critical cloud applications
  • Wireless LTE backup
  • Direct nVNET ISP peering
  • Stream encryption
  • Cloud management
  • Integrated firewall
  • Managed service levels
  • Real-time monitoring