From single-site retails to multisite franchises, this industry vertical depends on nexVortex to deliver communication solutions which save them money, provide high-quality communications and protect them in the event of trouble.

Hosted Voice – mobile app

Store owners love our hosted voice mobile app. They can be anywhere but still conduct business with all the same features as if they were in their store.

Single location stores stay online

Single store locations love our mHV with LTE. It is a hosted voice solution with LTE as backup if the main ISP goes down. Point of sale transactions and voice calls continue to flow.

Toll-free numbers

Retail store owners cater to local and online customers. Toll-free numbers are valuable to your brand, your marketing efforts, and your customer-care.

Multilocation – remote E911

Franchise owners with multiple locations save money by sharing one SIP plan across many stores while protecting those stores through our remote phone E911 support.

Retail store owners love our hosted voice solution. We operate, maintain, and upgrade the service for one low, monthly charge per phone.

It’s worry-free and our Managed Hosted Voice does even more. We understand that some retail locations have only one ISP connection. Our managed Hosted Voice solution with LTE can help you stay online and continue processing credit cards in the case of internet outage.

Business Needs – Retail


A robust E911 solution is critical to the safety of your employees and customers.


Retail stores can’t afford to lose point-of-sale and voice communications.


Multiple-store operators save money with our multisite solution.