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SIP Trunking is the service of choice to deliver voice and it’s rapidly replacing analog  lines and T1 PRI circuits. Businesses use SIP Trunking for making outbound and receiving inbound calls. Cost reduction, value-added features, control, and robust disaster recovery are some of the many benefits of this modern-day voice service.

Burstable Trunks / Scalability

Avoid busy signals and lost business with service plans that provide scalability on demand. Often referred to as “burstable trunks,” this additional SIP Trunking capacity is free with nexVortex (nV series) service plans.  Now you can handle a busy season or business spikes without having to worry about adding trunk capacity to handle those additional simultaneous calls.

Disaster Recovery with Auto Detection

Protect your business in the event of a power outage, Internet access failure, or problems at the location where your PBX is located. The nexVortex SIP Trunking Service will auto-detect inbound call failures and re-route your calls to pre-determined preferences of your choice.

Local E911 Support

Our service protects employees and ensures compliance by handling E911 routing properly.

Our portal is used to assign address and routing preferences, ensuring that E911 calls get routed to the proper local PSAP.  Our solution’s advanced functionality allows the address to be checked by dialing a number where an audible message is played verifying the address to which the phone is registered for E911 handling.

Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers

nexVortex has you covered with a huge national footprint for number portability.

We’d put our highly-skilled porting team up against anyone in the industry. They have years of experience and have architected a process that’s simple and painless.

Our Web Portal Gives You Control

You have complete control of your voice services with our secure Web portal.

Real-time billing, number routing, order status, and disaster recovery are only some of the features that come with your nexVortex Web portal.

Our Pricing is Simple and Straight Forward

Custom plans, Line Plans, Seasonal Business Plans

nexVortex “nV” series service plans include burstable trunks (unlimited call paths), a bundle of inbound and outbound minutes, a number of DIDs, and robust disaster recovery routing tools.

SIP Trunking service plans start at $99 per month.

We can also provide custom plans for larger implementations and seasonal businesses.  Line plans can be ordered for businesses that prefer unlimited minutes or those preferring  service on a per-channel basis.

Our standard pricing plans fit the needs of most businesses. For standard SIP plan pricing, click here:

SIP Trunking Plans and Pricing

If you need a custom plan or have any questions on our pricing and packaging, let us help you determine which one fits the needs of your business.


Service Delivery Implementation

nexVortex SIP Trunking service is typically run over an existing Internet connection that meets basic service specifications for bandwidth.

Service can be configured with a centralized phone system (PBX) located in one main office or with multiple phone systems located in other offices and in other geographies. The phone systems in those other locations can be a mix of systems from different vendors.

SIP Trunking Service Implementation Details

Service Implementation Checklist

We address all key components before we begin any SIP Trunking implementation. This includes PBX compatibility, Internet access quality and a speed test check, firewall configuration and disaster recovery configuration.

We assign a project manager who works with our certified SIP engineers to ensure that all the boxes are checked before you go into service.

When you decide to use nexVortex for SIP Trunking Service, you can rest assured that we are with you every step along the way.  In many instances we can provide same day provisioning and service activation.

Our support team is located in the US and is committed to providing Uncommon Support from our newly expanded Network Operation Center.

Contact us today if you want to experience the level of Uncommon Support which has enabled us to maintain a 99% customer retention rate.

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SIP Trunking Plans and Pricing

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