Cloud-based services require a rock-solid connection to the cloud. Having a bad ground-to-cloud connection can literally bring your business to a halt. nexVortex’s Managed Connect (mC) helps protect your business by providing a worry-free, high-quality, affordable connection to the services you need to use.


To ensure a worry-free connection to the cloud, Managed Connect uses a small network element located on your premises.  This device supports up to two ISP connections to provide WAN-side redundancy.

If you don’t have two ISP connections, that’s okay. mConnect was designed with wireless LTE for use as a second ISP if needed. mConnect also comes with a managed, integrated firewall, to simplify your implementation and get you up and running quickly. Best of all, it was purpose-built to be an affordable SD-WAN solution for the small business.




Circuits to the internet can fail and when they do mConnect protects you by automatically moving your internet traffic to your backup circuit. When service is restored, mConnect automatically moves traffic back to your primary circuit. Applications including real-time voice continue without interruption and your business continues to operate.

Optimize Critical Apps

Not everything is worth protecting. Should YouTube traffic be prioritized at the same level as Microsoft Office 365 traffic? Perhaps, but there’s a good chance you will want to prioritize business-productivity applications higher, particularly if your primary ISP circuit is struggling.

Managed Connect recognizes that different types of traffic have different priorities and it allows you to protect specific applications ahead of general internet traffic. This helps ensure that your business operations continue uninterrupted while providing resiliency at a lower cost.


While Managed Connect actively manages availability and quality, using the nexVortex Service Monitor (nVSM), you can identify circuit or network deficiencies that may be causing the mConnect to work harder than it should to achieve your goals. It clearly identifies where there may be issues and provides actionable information to drive improvements.


  • Ground-to-cloud business continuity with real-time failover
  • Full integration with nexVortex Managed Hosted Voice and nexVortex Managed SIP Trunking
  • Protection of business-critical cloud applications
  • Wireless LTE backup
  • Direct nVNET ISP Peering
  • Stream encryption
  • Cloud-based management
  • Integrated firewall
  • Managed service levels
  • Real-time monitoring