nexVortex Sets the Bar for Hosted Voice Quality and Resiliency

Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) Delivers Quality, Availability, and Visibility

HERNDON, VA (February 14, 2018) – As a leader in Cloud Communications and an industry expert in both SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice, nexVortex today announced a new service offering — Managed Hosted Voice (mHV). Managed Hosted Voice delivers high-quality, high-availability voice service for subscribers of nexVortex’s Hosted Voice offering.

Consistent voice call quality and availability have always been a challenge for providers using IP-based, real-time technologies. This is true for both trunking and hosted services. To address Quality of Service (QoS) issues and provide definitive troubleshooting for premise-based PBXs, nexVortex introduced Managed SIP Trunking (mSIP) in 2016. mSIP service, a 2017 Visionary Spotlight Award Winner, has seen significant commercial success and is now the fastest growing offering in the nexVortex portfolio. Its success is built on the principles of Quality, Availability, and Visibility.

Now, nexVortex brings the same principles to Hosted Voice with Managed Hosted Voice.

With hosted voice service, the PBX is in the cloud and the customer has an IP phone at their location and an internet connection. That internet connection presents a problem. The internet carries tremendous volumes and types of traffic and packet loss is common and can’t entirely be avoided. Since voice conversations occur in real-time, when voice packets are lost, calls get choppy, and if the packet loss is severe enough, calls will get dropped.

The uncertainty of trusting an organization’s mission critical voice service to the performance variances of the internet is too unsettling for many business owners. Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) will restore their confidence.

nexVortex’s proprietary, patent-pending Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) delivers on its promise by providing an end-to-end, single-vendor solution. The service includes a small edge device (on the customer premise), which is paired with the nexVortex Network to compensate for packet loss. It does this by intelligently duplicating, transmitting, and recombining voice data packets traveling between the customer’s site and the nexVortex Network and Hosted Voice platform using multiple ISP WAN links. The statistical probability of multiple WAN links from different ISPs incurring simultaneous packet loss is extremely low. The edge device is known as the nexVortex Edge or nVE, and has intelligent software developed by nexVortex which provides session quality management based on SD-WAN technology.

The nVE was an effort supported by nexVortex’s development partner Epygi, which has been involved in PBX platform development for over 17 years (

“Providing our customers and partners an Uncommon Service experience is our passion,” said Wes Rogers, founder and chief operating officer of nexVortex. “In Cloud Communications, this starts with Quality, Availability, and Visibility. Managed Hosted Voice delivers on all of these. It is built, owned, and operated by nexVortex so channel partners and their customers benefit from an integrated, single-vendor solution – not 3rd party bolt-ons. We are truly excited about this ground-breaking solution.”

With over 12 years of delivering Cloud Communication services, nexVortex has been a leader in identifying and developing innovative solutions to solve voice quality problems.

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