nexVortex Adds Integrated Firewall to Managed Hosted Voice Solution

Option Makes Deployment Fast and Easy for Small Business Owners

HERNDON, VA (January 30, 2019) – As a leader in cloud communications and an industry expert in both SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice Service, nexVortex announced the availability of a cloud-managed firewall on their nexVortex Edge device (nVE). The nVE is a small customer-premise appliance delivered as part of the nexVortex award-winning Managed Hosted Voice Service (mHV).

nexVortex launched Managed Hosted Voice in early 2018.  In its traditional deployment, the patent-pending service intelligently duplicates, transmits, and recombines voice packets traveling between the customer’s site and the nexVortex Hosted Voice platform using multiple wired ISP links. This process compensates for packet loss which is a major killer of voice quality. The nVE plays a critical role in delivering this functionality.

In September of 2018, nexVortex added a wireless LTE data option to Managed Hosted Voice to address the critical business continuity needs of customers with access to only a single, wired ISP link. The LTE option acts as a back-up, secondary ISP link if the primary ISP incurs a service degradation or full outage.  On a continued path of innovation, nexVortex now further expands the functionality of the nexVortex Edge Device (nVE) to include a cloud-managed built-in firewall.

The mHV solution supports configurations using customer provided firewalls or now, a single device using an integrated firewall.  It was not added with the intent to substitute for existing firewalls, or to compete with companies whose core competence is the development and delivery of firewall technology.  It was included to provide the small business owner with a functional, yet easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage firewall for Managed Hosted Voice locations currently not served by one.

It is particularly good fit for new business locations or for customers who don’t want to deploy multiple boxes in order to be delivered cloud communication services.  If there are locations with an existing firewall, or if customers prefer to deploy their own, the nVE firewall can easily be disabled remotely from its cloud-based management platform.

The firewall has all the functionality needed for a small business owner including support for handling multiple public IP addresses, DHCP server support, the ability to set access rules, port forwarding, as well as robust troubleshooting tools and a cloud-based portal for management.

“nexVortex has a rich history of innovation.  We also pride ourselves on delivering Uncommon Service which means making it simple and easy to use our cloud communication services,” said Wes Rogers, founder and chief operating officer of nexVortex. “Adding firewall functionality to the nVE for our Managed Hosted Voice service was done in that spirit.  With it there are fewer boxes to deploy and manage and fewer vendors to deal with, which means deployment is fast, easy, and simple — which is exactly what you want in a hosted voice service.”

nexVortex has been providing live demonstrations of the Managed Hosted Voice service at various channel partner and customer locations and encourages interested parties to contact them directly to see and hear the service in action.

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