Maximize the Investment of Your IP-PBX! has partnered with
nexVortex, a premier provider of Business-grade VoIP Services. nexVortex
is our #1 choice for SIP Trunking solutions.<p>

SIP trunking is easy to set up, transparent to end users, saves money
and allows greater control over your communication services. It’s a
powerful solution that can maximize the investment of your IP-PBX.

At its core, every business is a call center.   In order to
conduct day to day business, calls are received, orders are placed
and contracts signed.    If a business misses calls,  calls go
unanswered or go to the wrong department, revenue will be lost.
In a typical phone set up, there is no tracking of calls not
received and no ability to report calls received. 
would solve all of those problems.

Please explore the nexVortex website to learn more about SIP Trunking
and the benefits of nexVortex service. If you have additional questions
for nexVortex, please complete the Inquiry Form on the right.

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