A Safe, Secure, Convenient Cloud-Based Fax Solution

Send and Receive Faxes from Anywhere on Any Device

Multiple Send and Receive Options

Send from email, our secure Web portal, or traditional fax machines without the need for dedicated phone lines.

Multi-Destination Delivery

Incoming faxes can be delivered to multiple destinations and devices in traditional fax format or email format.

Because our nVFax service is Cloud–based, it provides all of the benefits of a Cloud service: always up, accessible from any device, never busy and never out of paper.

With the option to send and receive faxes as attachments via email or directly from our secure fax portal, nVFax provides the ultimate in convenience.

Supports Legacy Fax Machines

Via our gateway, nVFax delivers to, and receives from, your legacy fax machine. Retire your expensive fax phone line but keep your fax machine.

Secure and Encrypted

All transmission and document transfers are encrypted, providing protection and peace of mind.

Convenient & Secure

  • Encrypted transmission and document transfer with storage in secure data center.
  • Stored faxes are conveniently searchable by tags.
  • Fax DID number provided, eliminating need for number porting.


  • $17.99 per month.
  • Includes 200 outbound pages and 200 inbound pages.
  • Additional pages over the allotment are charged at 3.5 cents per page.

The Facts on nVFax

  • Available 24/7 with fax storage and retrieval in the Cloud
  • Incoming faxes are received in the user’s email inbox and sent outbound as an email attachment
  • Faxes are accessible from any device (mobile phone, tablet, PC)
  • User can be notified via text message of successful transmission or receipt of fax
  • Supports all common file formats

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