Managed SIP (mSIP) Trunking

Quality, Visibility, Monitoring

A Managed SIP Service So You Can Replace PRI’s With Confidence.

While standard SIP Trunking over the public internet is perfectly fine for many companies, others want a SIP solution with specific guarantees. With that in mind, we made significant investment in our network infrastructure, tools, and software to deliver an mSIP Trunking Service.

Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) is essential to avoiding garbled voice, dropped calls, and a poor user experience.

Because our mSIP solution runs over our nationwide MPLS backbone, we can control and deliver quality for every call.

Multiple Connectivity Options

We support multiple connectivity options between the business premise and our network.

These include: public internet access, nexVortex provided internet access, or a nexVortex provided directly connected MPLS circuit.

That means business owners can confidently replace aging, expensive, and soon to be retired PRI’s.

We transport the voice traffic over our private, nationwide MPLS network, and therefore we  control the quality of the voice stream traffic (RTP).  Accelerate your transition from older voice technologies like Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and move confidently to mSIP.

Details and Implementation

Proactive Monitoring with Definitive Troubleshooting

We proactively monitor the service performance at various points along the call path and can quickly isolate and fix any issues found.

Our proactive and automatic notification system keeps you and your team informed.


We architected and priced our mSIP solution to scale as your communication needs demand.

So whether you want to move a few PRIs, or a few dozen PRIs to mSIP, we have the plan to match your needs.

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on the mSIP Service

Change With Confidence

Your customers, employees, and shareholders expect your business to be accessible with clear, high-quality voice service.

You understand traditional PRI circuits are costly, have limited fail-over capabilities, and are rapidly being phased out in favor of SIP Trunking service.

nexVortex’s Managed SIP Trunking (mSIP) allows businesses to confidently migrate to SIP without sacrificing voice quality or performance.

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