mSIP Addresses Quality of Service

Quality of Service is essential to avoiding garbled voice, dropped calls, and a poor customer experience. For businesses which require specific voice quality guarantees, we suggest using our mSIP Trunking service.

To ensure and prove delivery of a specific level of voice quality, we made a significant investment in an MPLS backbone and paired it with a customer premise device (pre-engineered before delivery to customers). The customer premise equipment marks the voice packets for quality of service (QoS) as those packets leave the premise and we map those quality markers onto our MPLS backbone and respect them all the way to the destination.

Beyond that, we know that quality without visibility is only half the solution. Our mSIP portal and monitoring tools provide monitoring and visibility for all calls from your PBX through the local loop, into our backbone and up to the point the voice leaves our network.

The Customer Premise

As part of our mSIP offering, we provide a customer premise device from ADTRAN which provides the quality of service markers and queuing required for real time voice traffic. It provides a demarcation point for trouble shooting and comes with a robust set of monitoring and measurement tools for determining voice quality and providing visibility.

Through the use of ADTRAN customer premise equipment, we are able to measure and benchmark voice quality leaving the premise and compare it to other quality measurements we take as the traffic transits our network on the way to the PSTN.

One of our highly skilled sales engineers will help you choose the right device to meet your application needs.

The Access

We support multiple methods of access between the customer premise and the network. Choices include: a nexVortex provided MPLS circuit directly to the premise, a nexVortex provided internet connection, or your existing internet connection.

If you choose to use your existing internet connection, let us help you determine its performance capability with our measurement tools so that adjustments can be made for the best voice quality experience.

Our speed test tool provides upload and download speeds as well as latency and jitter measurements over the access link into your building.

The Network

By delivering mSIP over our engineered and geographically redundant MPLS network, we reduce the variables in IP networking which adversely impact voice quality.

Not only do we have nationwide reach, but our equipment is housed in highly secure and redundant data centers in the Washington Metro area, as well as in Dallas, Denver, and Chicago.

By transporting voice over our MPLs backbone, we deliver it using the real-time handling capability which MPLS offers.  Our significant investment in infrastructure provides companies choosing to use mSIP with the confidence they need for mission-critical voice applications.

The Tools

nVSM (nexVortex Service Monitoring).

nexVortex proactively monitors your mSIP service 24x7x365. Real-time reporting and alert notifications are set up and managed through your nexVortex portal.

Call quality monitoring allows the nexVortex network operations center to take proactive action if quality issues are detected.

These tools also provide end-to-end visibility of your voice service for definitive troubleshooting.

Additional software-based sensors can be ordered and installed in other devices where measurements may be desired to be taken.

Access Flexibility

We know that choice is important, so our service supports multiple forms of access between the customer premise and the network.



Existing Internet Connection

Use mSIP over your existing internet connection to lower your costs while taking advantage of the many benefits mSIP has to offer.

Any ISP that meets nexVortex service specifications can be used. A nexVortex provided edge device(s) help prioritize your voice traffic over standard network traffic.


Internet Connection Provided by a nexVortex Peering Partner

nexVortex has established direct peering relationships with multiple carriers.  Using a peering carrier as your internet provider reduces latency, packet loss, and jitter because your voice packets stay on that carrier’s network all the way to nexVortex equipment.  Our peering relationships include AT&T, CenturyLink/Level3, Cogent, Comcast, GTT, INTERNAP, US Signal, and Verizon.


nexVortex Provided Connectivity

Achieve end-to-end quality with a nexVortex provided internet circuit, MPLS directly connected circuit, or cross-connect to your equipment housed in our data center.

Internet Connectivity

Similar to a high quality integrated, circuit nexVortex provides symmetrical internet connectivity with class of service marking to deliver end-to-end QoS (Quality of Service) for voice.

MPLS Direct Connect

A private MPLS connection (to your premise) delivers voice directly from your location to the nexVortex MPLS network backbone.


nexVortex accepts cross-connects from customers choosing to locate their equipment in a nexVortex data center or for those that use nexVortex hosting for their PBX systems.

Value Added Across the Board

What Else Should You Know?

mSIP comes with real-time recovery capability which auto-detects any issues with connectivity and can auto-fail and re-route inbound DID or Toll Free Calls to multiple destinations of your choice.

nexVortex lets you address business growth and expansion with scalability, flexibility, and rapid deployment. Unlike PRI circuits with fixed 23 channel capacity, nexVortex service can be increased one channel at a time so you don’t overpay for capacity.

PRI’s are high priced circuits which can be cost prohibitive to deploy at every location. mSIP can be shared across your entire business using a variety of connectivity methods. This creates a powerful multi-site solution which provides significant savings over other alternatives.

mSIP Resources & Plans

Call us to see which plans fits your business requirements.

Each mSIP service plan includes an edge router,  a minimum of 23 channels/concurrent call paths, a package of calling minutes, and numbers.

Pricing starts at $329.

The popular features offered with nexVortex standard SIP Trunking service are also available to mSIP customers. These include:

  • Autodetecting disaster recovery
  • Multisite and remote phone E911 support
  • Web portal control
  • Toll Free RespOrG
  • National footprint for porting of existing numbers
  • Customized Reporting

  mSIP Brochure

The Take Aways

PBX system compatibility, QoS (Quality of Service), proactive monitoring and visibility, all delivered by an organization dedicated to  Uncommon Service means that when you use our mSIP service, you can retire your PRIs with confidence.

mSIP is delivered over our advanced geo-redundant MPLS network which reduces the variables adversely impacting mission-critical voice applications.

Our people are the key to our differentiation. Dedicated to your success, our SIP-certified engineers ensure the solution architected and delivered matches your business needs and the nexVortex provisioning and support teams will be with you every step of the way.

nexVortex is a US based company providing pre-sales assistance, guides, proven operational processes, and a knowledgeable project coordinator to keep your implementation on track, on time, and on budget.

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