Single ISP – with value

Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) was developed to address business continuity, voice quality, availability, and visibility for hosted voice service. The attributes of mHV are critical to customers who decide to move their voice service to the cloud.

Since not all geographies have access to an unlimited number of internet service providers, mHV can be deployed in multiple configurations including dual ISP, single ISP with LTE backup, or single ISP with no LTE.

The nVE is managed

All mHV locations are deployed using the nexVortex Edge device which sits on the customer premise. It provides a demarcation point on the premise for monitoring and management while performing packet replication and voice prioritization. Other non-managed hosted voice services do not have this functionality. Having the nVE already installed on-site also allows the easy addition of a second ISP or LTE later.

Voice is given priority

The nexVortex Edge device (nVE) sits in front of the customer firewall and is directly connected to the ISP’s broadband modem.  We are able to prioritize outbound voice traffic ahead of all other traffic (AOT) leaving the premise. Since voice is mission-critical and has real-time requirements in order to perform properly, voice prioritization is a valuable function.

Key Takeaways

  • A managed service
  • Voice packet replication
  • Easily add 2nd ISP or LTE
  • Voice prioritization
  • Peering relationships

We replicate voice packets

Voice packets are replicated between the nVE and the nexVortex SDN Gateway.  This function is key to the performance of mHV dual ISP but can also be valuable in a single ISP deployment. Since there is a single ISP, there is no guarantee — but sending multiple voice samples to and from the Cloud may help in a short-lived outage or congestion condition to compensate for some packet loss.

Peering is important

nexVortex has direct peering agreements with most major carriers. That means that if your internet service is provided by a carrier with a peering relationship with us, voice traffic will often be handed directly to our hosted platform without going through an intermediate carrier for hand-off.  The less hops on the way to our network, the better the quality.

mHV on a Single ISP – Value & Benefits

Purpose-built for hosted voice, it delivers value well beyond other offerings

  • One vendor – no hassles. The service was built and is run by us as a single-vendor, fully integrated offering.
  • Extremely cost effective – perfect for the SMB Market.
  • Easy pricing – you pick the hosted plan you want and for each location with a nexVortex Edge device (nVE), you pay $35 per nVE per month.
  • A managed service with visibility, voice prioritization, replication and peering with major carriers

mHV – Single ISP Implementation

The nexVortex Edge

The nexVortex Edge device (nVE) is a managed device which sits on the customer premise.  It was developed by nexVortex as part of the service offering and is delivered under a monthly rental agreement. It works in conjunction with the nexVortex network to compensate for packet loss by intelligently prioritizing, replicating, transmitting voice data packets which travel to the nexVortex Hosted Voice Platform.

When deployed in a single-ISP configuration, it connects directly to the ISP broadband modem via Ethernet and it provides an easy migration path to a dual-ISP or single ISP with LTE solution which can be added at a future date.


The nexVortex Managed Hosted Voice Service

nexVortex has been delivering cloud communication services for over 12 years. We built and run the service delivery platform which enables us to react quickly and resolve any service impacting issue. It also allows us continually innovate — always with the goal of protecting our customer’s business and delivering value.

Managed Hosted Voice was born out of this experience which enables it to deliver  more value than its non-managed, less functional rivals. Managed Hosted Voice is priced competitively and extremely easy to deploy.


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