Business Continuity

When using the internet for all your business communications (voice and data) – what happens when there is an internet outage or a severe service degradation on your primary ISP?

The answer is – your business is off the air.  When you are unable to communicate with customers, execute financial transactions, or even send an email, it is not only frustrating but depending on how long it lasts, it can be perilous to the survival of your business.

Deploy mHV with LTE

The answer to keeping your business on the air is nexVortex Managed Hosted Voice with LTE. Our solution is integrated into an easy to deploy single-vendor solution.  We provide everything you need including Managed Hosted Voice service, the LTE modem, and the LTE data service plan itself. The solution provides business continuity for voice and data services but with unique capabilities compared to other LTE business continuity offerings.

Better than other LTE failover solutions

We only use LTE when needed.  Our unique solution can move voice and data from a primary wired ISP over to LTE in the event of a complete outage or can move just voice over to LTE if the service on the primary ISP is degrading voice quality but allowing data to flow.  Unlike other solutions which will failover all traffic to LTE, ours can maintain voice quality while preserving your LTE data plan.

Think it won’t happen?

  • 54% of companies have experienced an outage in the last 5 years
  • On average those outages lasted longer than 8 hours
  • Only 35% were the result of a natural disaster
  • The average financial impact to an SMB is $8,000 to >$70,000 per hour

source: Networkworld, Datacore

Business Continuity

The statistics on the cost of an outage are sobering.  No business can be out of service for any length of time with the inability to process credit card transactions or speak with customers and expect to survive. Worse yet, many businesses are located in geographies served by only a single ISP which means LTE is a natural choice for business continuity and business survival.

Wireless carrier agnostic

mHV with LTE is delivered as a complete solution from nexVortex. We supply the 4G LTE wireless modem and the LTE service through our agreement with Data2Go Wireless, a tier-1 carrier agnostic wireless provider.  The wireless modem can be configured to support the tier-1 carrier (AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint) with the strongest signal in any given building and we allow customers to mix and match carriers under the same data service plan.

mHV with LTE – Value and Benefits

Delivering business continuity with quality, availability, and visibility

  • One vendor – no hassles. The service is delivered as single-vendor, fully integrated offering.
  • A cost-effective insurance policy against potential disaster – perfect for the SMB Market.
  • LTE data service is only used when needed and service is intelligent enough to move only voice over to LTE to conserve the data plan in the event of poor internet quality.

Managed Hosted Voice with LTE – Implementation

The nexVortex Edge and 4G LTE modem

The nexVortex Edge device (nVE) is a managed device which sits on the customer premise.  It was developed by nexVortex as part of the Managed Hosted Voice service offering.

It provides a demarcation point on the customer premise for management as well as performs the critical function of voice packet replication and recombination when configured to run in dual-ISP mode.  It sits in front of the customer firewall so as not to interfere with the customer’s network and is connected to the primary wired ISP broadband modem and the 4G LTE modem.

The 4G LTE modem can be outfitted with the proper SIM card for whichever carrier has the strongest signal in the building where the 4G LTE modem is located (AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint).  The modem used for the LTE service is from PepLink.

Voice and all other traffic (AOT)

In normal operation, voice packets and all other traffic (AOT) is carried over the primary wired ISP.  The voice is delivered to the nexVortex Network and hosted voice platform in the cloud.

All other traffic is carried over the internet to its destination.  If a service degradation occurs on the primary ISP which adversely impacts voice quality, the nexVortex service will detect the issue,  LTE service will be initiated and the nexVortex Edge device will pass the mHV voice traffic over to LTE for delivery to the nexVortex Hosted Voice Platform.

AOT will continue to flow over the wired ISP unless that ISP service is out of service at which time, all other traffic will also be moved over to LTE, until the primary ISP has recovered.  The ability to move voice-only traffic over to LTE is aimed at maintaining a quality voice session while protecting the LTE data service plan.

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