mHV Protects Your Business

In an age when everything is moving to the Cloud (voice and other applications), losing internet connectivity can be catastrophic. The fact is internet outages will occur — it’s just a matter of when they do, will you be prepared?

Worse yet, it doesn’t take a total outage to severely impact the quality of a hosted voice call.  When it comes to real-time voice communication, even a poorly performing internet connection can destroy hosted voice quality.

Think it won’t happen to you? Statistics show that 54% of companies have experienced a downtime event that lasted more than 8 hours in the past 5 years and only 35% were due to a natural disaster.

That is why we developed Managed Hosted Voice. It delivers  Quality, Availability, and Visibility for Hosted Voice and with our LTE option you can have a complete business continuity solution even if your business location is served by only one ISP.

Estimates place the financial impact of an outage on a small to medium business (SMB) to be in the range of $8,000 to $70,000 per hour.

(source: Networkworld)

mHV – Dual ISP

Voice Replication and Recombination

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  • A managed service, purpose-built for voice quality
  • Voice packet replication and recombination over dual wired ISPs (compensates for packet loss)
  • Resiliency for business continuity
  • Single-vendor solution (no integration required)

mHV – Using LTE

For Business Continuity and Voice Quality

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  • Perfect for businesses with only one ISP
  • Single vendor solution – LTE service and equipment delivered by nexVortex
  • LTE is used only when needed – conserves data plan
  • Voice and data can be moved independently to LTE

mHV – Single ISP

Prioritization, Replication, and Visibility

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  • Outbound voice prioritized before all other traffic
  • Voice packet replication may help in event of a short-lived performance impact
  • Multiple peering relationships to keep traffic on-net
  • Managed for visibility

Why Managed Hosted Voice (mHV)?

As the urgency to migrate voice to the Cloud increases, the industry continues to battle challenges with quality, availability, and visibility.

Problems typically occur between the hosted cloud platform provider and the customer premise. nexVortex addresses these challenges with its Managed Hosted Voice solution.  This award winning service has three deployment options tailored to fit any business need.

  • Dual ISP – for those seeking voice quality and failover for data services
  • Single ISP with LTE – business continuity even with one ISP
  • Single ISP with no LTE – value added features targeting quality and visibility

What Makes Us Uncommon?

  • 100% US-based customer care delivering Uncommon Support
  • We don’t resell another company’s platform — we built and run our own
  • We’re in control of all critical functions of service delivery
  • Operational discipline and processes born out of experience

Choose nexVortex Hosted Voice Service

  • We built and operate our own platform.  We can react quickly to issues and innovate
  • Deep experience – 12 years of delivering cloud communications
  • Innovations like Managed Hosted Voice – delivering quality, availability, and visibility
  • Expanded and flexible options for business continuity – like mHV with LTE

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