Managed Hosted Voice
Sometimes You Just Know It

You know quality when you see it, or in this case when you hear it.

Poor quality voice calls caused by packet loss, delay, and inconsistent internet service can ruin a conversation and a company’s brand, as well as burn resources, time, and money trying to troubleshoot quality problems.

As the Cloud Communications Company dedicated to delivering high-quality voice calls, we set out to solve the quality problem for hosted voice customers and we delivered on that promise with Managed Hosted Voice (mHV).

With hosted voice service, the PBX is in the cloud and the customer has an IP phone at their location and an internet connection. That internet connection presents a problem. The internet carries tremendous volumes and types of traffic and packet loss is common and can’t entirely be avoided. Since voice conversations occur in real-time, when voice packets are lost, calls get choppy, and if the packet loss is severe enough, calls will get dropped.

The uncertainty of trusting an organization’s mission critical voice service to the performance variances of the internet is too unsettling for many business owners.

Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) will restore their confidence.

nexVortex’s proprietary, patent-pending Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) delivers on its promise by providing an end-to-end, single-vendor solution. The service includes a small edge device (on the customer premise), which is paired with the nexVortex Network to compensate for packet loss. It does this by intelligently duplicating, transmitting, and recombining voice data packets traveling between the customer’s site and the nexVortex Network and Hosted Voice platform using multiple ISP WAN links.


Managed Hosted Voice Implementation


The statistical probability of multiple WAN links from different ISPs incurring simultaneous packet loss is extremely low. The edge device is known as the nexVortex Edge or nVE, and has intelligent software developed by nexVortex which provides session quality management based on SD-WAN technology.

Key Highlights

  • A managed service, purpose-built for voice quality
  • Voice packet duplication and recombination over dual ISPs compensates for packet loss
  • Resiliency for business continuity
  • Managed and delivered by nexVortex (no integration required)
  • nexVortex Managed Hosted Voice can be added to any nexVortex Hosted Voice service plan for  a monthly rental fee for each nVE location

With over 12 years of delivering Cloud Communication services, nexVortex has been a leader in identifying and developing innovative solutions to solve voice quality problems.  Please contact us to hear the difference Managed Hosted Voice can make for your business.