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Poor quality voice calls caused by packet loss, delay, and inconsistent internet service can ruin a conversation and a company’s brand as well as burn resources, time, and money trying to troubleshoot quality problems.

As the cloud communications company dedicated to delivering high-quality voice calls, we set out to solve the quality problem for hosted voice customers and we delivered on that promise with Managed Hosted Voice (mHV).

Based on SD-WAN Technology Purpose-Built for Hosted Voice

Our solution uses SD-WAN technology and was built to specifically address voice quality issues.  Those quality issues are highly impacted by traffic in the internet causing congestion and packet loss.  We solve that problem by duplicating voice packets and sending them to our hosted platform over multiple Internet Service Providers.

Voice Packet Duplication Dual-Path Transport

The service compensates for packet loss by intelligently duplicating, transmitting, and recombining voice data packets which travel to and from the nexVortex hosted voice platform over multiple ISP WAN links.  The statistical probability of multiple WAN links from different ISPs incurring simultaneous packet loss is extremely low.

Key Highlights

  • A managed service, purpose-built for voice quality
  • Voice packet duplication and recombination over dual ISPs compensates for packet loss
  • Resiliency for business continuity
  • Managed and delivered by nexVortex (no integration required)
  • Choose any hosted plan and add the nVE (monthly rental) to activate the service

Business Continuity

While we deliver voice over dual-paths to our hosted platform, we let data traffic pass through to the internet over the primary ISP connection.  If there is an outage or failure on that primary connection, data traffic is moved to the secondary ISP and voice continues to flow over the secondary ISP.  In this manner, Managed Hosted Voice provides resiliency and business continuity for all service types.

An End-to-End, Single Vendor Solution

Our Managed Hosted Voice service is purpose-built for delivering voice quality.  Our channel partners and customers are free from the worry of integrating a third party solution.  We built, own, and operate the solution which enables us to deliver the best customer experience ever, and enables our partners to go to one company to get issues resolved.

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Managed Hosted Voice – Value & Benefits

Purpose-built for hosted voice, it delivers on its promise of solving the hosted voice-quality problem.

  • One vendor – no hassles. The service was built and is run by us as a single-vendor, fully integrated offering.
  • Extremely cost effective – perfect for the SMB Market.
  • Easy pricing – you pick the hosted plan you want and for each location with a nexVortex Edge device (nVE), you pay $35 per nVE per month.

mHV Brochure

Managed Hosted Voice Implementation

The nexVortex Edge

The nexVortex Edge device (nVE) is a managed device which sits on the customer premise.  It was developed by nexVortex as part of the service offering and is delivered under a monthly rental agreement. It works in conjunction with the nexVortex network to compensate for packet loss by intelligently duplicating, transmitting, and recombining voice data packets which travel to the nexVortex SDN Gateway over multiple ISP WAN links.

The nexVortex SDN Gateway and mHV

Packet loss is the bane of Voice over IP.  It is a very common problem and causes choppy calls and, if severe enough, can result in calls dropping.  The solution to this problem is our Managed Hosted Voice Service.

As the diagram above shows, the nexVortex SDN Gateway accepts voice packets sent to it from the nVE over dual ISP paths. The SDN Gateway compensates for packet loss by intelligently selecting packets from each stream and recombining them into a single stream which is then delivered it to our hosted voice platform.

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