Hosted Voice Replaces Key System

nexVortex Hosted Voice

Key systems offer convenient functionality such as hold buttons, busy lamp fields, shared line appearance, privacy, music-on-hold, off-hook call announcements, night transfer, and memory dialing.

Many users of key systems are familiar with these functions and worry that changing to a Cloud-delivered hosted voice solution will be too disruptive to their existing operation.

nexVortex Hosted Voice service emulates many of these functions to help you make a smooth transition to Cloud-based voice services while taking advantage of cost savings, flexibility, and many new features.

nexVortex Hosted Voice – Delivered from the Cloud

nexVortex Hosted Voice service emulates many of these functions to help you make a smooth transition to Cloud-based voice services while taking advantage of cost savings, flexibility, and many new features.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Key system functionality for simple transition
  • Advanced feature set included
  • Scalability to include remote users
  • Maintenance-free PDX with 24×7 domestic support

Common Uses:

  • Key system replacement
  • Distributed environments
  • Medical, legal, manufacturing, insurance, business verticals

Required Components:

  • Internet Connection

Familiar Functions. New Technology.

Our team will make sure your new Hosted Voice solution is provisioned and ready to go with your desired (pre-configured) features like busy lamp fields (BLFs), presence, night transfer and auto attendant.

Our solution enables you to keep the same functions you use today and incorporate some of the new features like mobile device integration, voicemail to email and recording to optimize the way your business communicates.

With traditional phone systems, you often have to pay extra for these additional features, but they’re included with your nexVortex Hosted Voice service.

So if you’re looking to retire your old key system but want equivalent feature/functionality and more, look no further. We have your solution. Explore your available options by reviewing our extensive list of included features.

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Remote Users and Additional Offices

Grow your business, connect multiple offices, or incorporate home users into your nexVortex Hosted Voice solution. Using our Cloud-delivered service, you can easily add capacity or additional users without capital investment. We continually add features and capabilities, meaning you don’t have to worry about obsolescence like you do when you own the system yourself.

Each user can have a Direct Inward Dial number and local E911 service. Your nexVortex portal provides “presence” so you can see the availability of your entire workforce with the option for a receptionist to drag and drop calls to specific employees, as those calls come into your location.

Uncommon Service

Each Hosted Voice implementation is treated with special care to ensure call flows match your business needs and provides a smooth transition on your launch date. The nexVortex provisioning team (located in the US) will be with you every step of the way to help map your preferences to your new Hosted Voice system before you retire your legacy key system.

Although most Internet connections can be used to run your Hosted PBX service, nexVortex will test your connection beforehand to ensure you have the right type of connection (speed, latency, etc.) to provide high-quality voice and a great user experience.

Multiple Phone Choices

Choose to rent phones, buy new ones, or bring existing compliant phones to your nexVortex service.

An easy-to-read display means our phones are “paper label-free” which makes any updates convenient and easy. The phones are power over Ethernet (POE) ready and offer two separate Gigabit Ethernet ports so the phone can share the same Ethernet run connecting to your employee’s PC or laptop. The phones also have sidecar and touch options available.

Direct Inward Dial Numbers

With nexVortex Hosted Voice, you can provide a local DID (Direct Inward Dial) number to each employee, or you can continue to use a single phone number or toll-free number with extension dialing for your workforce.

Extension dialing is easily extended to your users in other offices or those working from home.

If you’re looking to retire your legacy key system and need Hosted Voice service that doesn’t require you to change your business practices, contact us today to learn more about our nexVortex Hosted Voice.

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