Hosted Voice - Mobile App

Getting Started with Our Mobile App

Never miss an important call. Our mobile app puts the power of your hosted voice service into the palm of your hand.  Make business calls on the go while taking advantage of the unique features of our hosted service.

Our mobile app runs on both Android and iOS phones.  We cover highlights of the app below as well as instructions on its download and use. A main distinguishing feature of the nexVortex mobile app is that calls operate over the  voice network using the phone platform’s native call handing. Outbound calls that you initiate through the Hosted Voice platform call back to your mobile phone while initiating the outbound call to the desired target number.

Mobile Phone App – Key Highlights

Our Hosted Voice mobile app allows you to use your mobile phone in concert with your nexVortex Hosted Voice service. Make business calls on the go while taking advantage of the unique features of our mobile app.

Supports both Android and iOS phones
Saves on data – uses cellular service for voice calls
Able to control call forwarding from mobile app
Delivers your desk phone caller ID
Saves your phone battery
Uses cellular service so hand-off is a breeze

Step #1 – Prepare Your Hosted Service to Use the App

To properly use the mobile app you need configure your hosted voice service for its use. Your Hosted Voice Account needs to have your email address and your mobile phone number associated with it.

This is simply to make your Hosted Voice Service aware that the mobile app is associated with you and with your mobile number.  Either you, your partner, or nexVortex Customer Experience (CE) can help you set this up and verify that it is correct.

To set it up, login to your hosted voice account in the portal and fill in the following screen:

Step #2 – Download the App From Your Respective App Store

There is a nominal $1 charge to do this. Be sure to select the nexVortex app from nexVortex Inc.

For downloading the app on Android go to the Google Store and search for nexVortex mobile and click on the BUY button.

Once the app has been purchased, please click on “OPEN” from the Google Store or click on the icon displayed on your smartphone screen to launch the app.

For downloading the app for iOS, go to the Apple App Store and search for nexVortex mobile. Click on the BUY button and download the app.

Once the app has been purchased, please click on “OPEN” from the App Store or click on the icon displayed on your smartphone screen to launch the app.

Step #3: Using the App – Registration and Login Process

If you are an existing nexVortex Hosted Voice subscriber and if your email address is registered in the nexVortex portal (aka a “validated email address”), and if you know your portal username and password, you can use that same user name and password to login to the mobile app.  You can skip the registration process and go right to the login sequence.

For Those Users with a Validated Email Address – Go Right to Login

Enter Email and Password

Login to App Complete

Note: Ensure that all the app installation steps are complete before proceeding with the login process.

For New Users Without a Validated Email Address – Follow These Registration Steps.

New users, without a validated email address in the nexVortex portal must go through a registration process to validate their email address to be used to login to the mobile app.

Download the app and launch it on your phone.  You will see this screen:

Click on the register button (not login) and you will be asked to enter an email address and hit submit.

Enter a valid email address and hit the submit button.

At this step, the hosted platform will send you (via SMS) a verification code and will prompt you to enter it on this screen:

Enter your verification code.

Once verified you will be presented a screen where you can enter a password of your choosing.

Now that you have a validated email and have chosen your password, you can launch the app and begin using it by logging in with your validated email and newly chosen password.

What if You Lost or Don’t Remember Your Password?

In the event of the need for a password reset or if you have lost your password, the registration/reset password process can be followed in order to choose another password.

Launch the app and click on the register/reset password button and enter your email address and click “submit.”

After clicking submit, the Hosted Voice platform will send an SMS message to your phone, which will prompt you to enter a verification code.  Following successful entry of the verification code, you will be asked to supply a password to use for the mobile app.

Step #4:  Everyday Use – Making Outbound Calls

A unique feature of the mobile app is that it uses the public telephone network (including the mobile voice network) for voice calls as opposed to delivering them over your LTE data service which would unnecessarily burn-up your data plan.

This implementation works by the user dialing an outbound number from the mobile app which then delivers that number to the Hosted Voice platform.  The Hosted Voice platform calls the mobile app user and at the same time calls the number which the mobile user dialed and it connects those calls together.   The following diagram shows how this works.

Status and Call Forwarding Options

When you first launch the mobile app, you will see the status screen, which displays your desk phone #, voicemail, and status (which is an editable feature – for example you can write-in, “Away from Phone”, “In a meeting” or any other status you wish to convey.

There is a call forwarding option which allows you to set your desktop call forwarding options from your mobile device.

There are many call forwarding options. You can choose to have calls sent to your desk phone, forwarded to your mobile phone, forwarded directly to voice mail, or forwarded to any other phone number you choose.  You can also choose calls to receive an immediate busy tone (see icons below).  Simply touch the icon to set the rules you wish.

  • Desk Phone – Tap on this icon to forward calls to your desk phone.
  • Mobile – Tap on this icon to forward calls to your mobile app/ cell phone. (Note that unanswered calls will wind up in your cell phone voicemail)
  • Voicemail – Tap on this icon to forward calls directly to voicemail
  • Different Phone # – Tap on this icon to enter a different 10 digit phone number) to forward calls.
  • Play Busy-tone – Play’s busy-tone when called


By clicking on voicemail icon at the top of the voicemail screen, mobile users will receive a call on their mobile phone and will be prompted to enter their password in order to listen to their voicemails.

This is essentially the same way as listening to voicemail from your desk phone.  The password is the same as the one you use on your desk phone.

Call History

When the user taps on the history icon, the history screen is displayed with the call history of all outbound and inbound calls. Calls shown with a down arrow indicated an incoming call while an up arrow indicates an outbound call

Users can redial any number by simply hitting the green phone icon next to the desired number to call.


A touch-tone keypad is installed for dialing numbers from the mobile app. Your desk phone number will be the caller-ID that is shown when making outbound calls from the mobile app.


To view contacts, navigate manually through the contacts listed or use the search function.

Once you click on the name of the person, a new screen is displayed with the contact’s information.

Settings and Contact Categories

When the user taps on the settings icon,  the  mobile app displays a screen where one can view the options to sign-out from the mobile app, view contacts and see the current version of the app.

If one clicks on “sign out” icon,  they will be signed out from the nexVortex mobile app and will need to re-login again in order to use the mobile app again.

There are a number of options for contacts. Contact settings enable the mobile app user to decide which contacts should be visible and available for selection when looking up a person to call.

The first three choices all refer to contacts on the Hosted Voice system and the fourth category refers to contacts stored on your mobile phone. The following are the appropriate definitions:

  • Company contacts – Contacts categorized as company contacts on the Hosted Voice system
  • Colleagues – Contacts categorized as “colleagues” on the Hosted Voice system
  • My Contacts – Contacts categorized as “personal contacts” on the Hosted Voice system
  • Phone Contacts – Contacts saved on the user’s mobile device.

Each of these can be toggled off and on to display all or some of the available contacts.

Note that the mobile app operates as an extension of your desk phone, and as such your colleagues are reachable by their extension numbers.  It is not necessary to know or have available their external 10 digit number in order to place a call to them.

If You Need Help

Never miss an important call. Our mobile app puts the power of your hosted voice service into the palm of your hand.  Make business calls on the go while taking advantage of the unique features of our hosted service.

If you have any questions on its use or you are having difficulty, please contact our customer experience organization at +1.855.639.6300 or