Enhancing Our Network

Dear nexVortex Customers and Partners,

All SIP customers using PX1.nexvortex.com will have their inbound and outbound traffic routing via the new infrastructure on September 12th.

Customers using PX1.nexvortex.com, that have not updated their firewall rules, may experience inbound and outbound call issues. Please confirm your firewall is allowing access to the two nexVortex subnets:


If there is an issue with accepting subnets, please contact our Customer Experience (CE) team (see below) for information on specific IP addresses.
We will be decommissioning the 66.23.X.X subnet on September 13, 2019. Any customers who are not allowing access to the new subnets will experience an interruption to their service.

If you have any questions please contact the Customer Experience (CE) team at 855.639.6300 or email support@nexVortex.com.