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SIP Trunking in Multisite Deployments

Chuck Harris

If you are a multisite business looking for voice service, look no further than nexVortex for SIP Trunking.

Our service has the following advantages:

  • Cost savings by sharing trunk resources across multiple locations
  • Real-time autodetecting disaster recovery (watch our video)
  • Local E911 support for all locations including remote phones
  • Full control and visibility of the service through your own portal

Multisite businesses face unique challenges when managing voice service across multiple locations.   One of those is disaster recovery and many SIP providers struggle to adequately provide their customers a business continuity or disaster recovery solution in the event of an internet access failure or power failure.  Worse yet, in many cases they charge extra for an inferior solution.

With nexVortex you get our autodetecting disaster recovery module free with every account.  With this feature you continuously receive inbound phone calls even when disaster strikes. From power outages to PBX misconfigurations, our disaster recovery can protect you against nearly any failure you can imagine.

We allow you to preset multiple failover rules per direct inward dial number or toll-free number and those rules are automatically triggered in the event of an outage or unreachable PBX.  With our centralized portal, you can set the rules for all your numbers and locations from a single login.

A second challenge is the need for call capacity planning at each site.

Different locations have different call volumes and some providers may require you to buy multiple lines or trunks at each location to cover peak calling needs.

Our service does away with this burden by allowing trunk sharing.  With us you subscribe to a single SIP service plan to use across all of your locations.  You don’t pay for capacity you don’t need.

On average, our multisite customers reduce their voice lines needs by 33% which provides significant monthly savings.

Don’t forget about E911.

nexVortex takes the difficulty out of setting up local E911 for multisite locations and remote phone users.  This is accomplished through the nexVortex portal which allows updates in real-time.

Multisite businesses love our Managed SIP service. It delivers call quality with definitive troubleshooting. We measure and report on individual call quality at multiple points along the call path.

The service is enhanced by our peering arrangements with major internet providers. Voice calls get handed directly to us thereby reducing latency and packet loss. Finally, we deliver calls to the PSTN over our private MPLS network which provides QoS for each call.

You also get the nexVortex service monitoring tool for reporting on call performance and quality.  With it you can see and prove voice quality which eliminates finger pointing and provides definitive troubleshooting.

When it is time to implement your multisite service rollout, count on nexVortex to provide the advanced functionality, know-how, and uncommon service you deserve.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help meet your multisite voice service needs.



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