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Many SIP Providers Want Your Business – Make The Right Choice

Chuck Harris

Don’t let the mystery of new technology lock you into a bad deal.

If your business is ready to implement SIP Trunking for your communications you’ve made the right choice. SIP Trunking is becoming the global standard, but all SIP Trunking providers are not created equal. Such a significant shift in your business model can be intimidating with new terms to learn, new technology to use, and new pricing to understand. Here are important items to consider.

The importance of bandwidth

Bandwidth is an important factor to consider when implementing SIP Trunking. Each call you send or receive will take up some portion of your business’ internet bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth, the higher the number of calls your system can support. If you’re not sure of your current upload and download speeds, you can run our free speed test to find out.

It’s possible you may need to increase your bandwidth to accommodate your new SIP Trunking model. The best providers will work with you to ascertain if that’s necessary and not force you to purchase more than you need.

Transparency in pricing

A clear and simple price structure is the hallmark of a superior provider. What you’re receiving and paying for monthly/yearly should be easily understood at a glance.

What should also be understood is what functionality is included.  For example, at nexVortex we provide autodetecting disaster recovery for free with every SIP account.  You can set up to three (3) failover rules (per individual directory number or per individual toll-free number).  These will automatically execute in the event of a disaster.  For example, if your primary PBX fails you can have inbound calls routed to a different PBX at a different location and then to an analog line if that second PBX fails and then to a cell phone.  All of this is administered from our easy-to-use portal [watch our video].  Other providers charge you for autodetecting disaster recovery.

Burstable trunks

Having a safe-zone of excess capacity is always a best practice when dealing with bursty call volumes. However, paying for a package just to cover a worst-case scenario of high call volume can get expensive.  nexVortex supports burstable trunks which allows the user to go beyond the stated capacity on those occasions when a little extra call handling might be needed.

Trunk sharing for a better business plan

Trunk sharing is the ability to subscribe to a single SIP Trunking plan but to use it across other (multisite) locations. nexVortex allows users of its SIP Trunking service to do this while other providers often do not.

Without trunk sharing you are often forced to buy designated lines/trunks for each location, which often leads to buying more capacity than used and spending more money than needed.


What are the Benefits of nexVortex’s Trunk Sharing?

The benefits are simplicity, flexibility, automatic disaster recovery, and a tremendous business case (our solution saves money). When your customer uses PRI, analog lines or SIP trunks from other providers it is often necessary to do specific capacity planning per-site to ensure that they subscribe to the correct number of lines or have engineered the correct capacity for that site and then they need to repeat this exercise for every site in a multisite deployment.

With nexVortex, since a single plan can be shared across multiple sites and PBXs, you don’t have to be so exact. If one site needs more calling capacity, and another site needs slightly less – we have you covered. With other services you are very likely to “overbuy” capacity just to cover a worst-case scenario.

Consider the provider’s reputation

Peer-to-peer reviews are the most trusted form of business referral. A SIP Trunking provider who stands behind their work and many satisfied clients is a solid indicator of someone you can rely on.

At nexVortex, we pride ourselves on delivering our customers and channel partners an Uncommon Service experience which has manifested itself in a 99% customer retention rate.

If you’d like to learn more about us and how we handle SIP Trunking, please contact us today 1-855-639-8888.


Are You in Compliance with Kari’s Law for Emergency Calling?

Kari’s Law requires multi-line telephone systems (like those found on campuses, hotels, or office buildings) to enable users to dial 911 directly, without having to dial a prefix to reach an outside line.   Congressional Bill H.R. 582 of 2017, better known as Kari’s Law, became a legal requirement on February 16, 2018. The Act was a response to the murder of Kari Hunt by her estranged husband in December 2013 while she and her daughter Brianna were at a Texas hotel.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, will you be able to maintain contact with your customers and support their needs? Business continuity can be the difference between your company surviving or shutting its doors after a disaster.   Many businesses aren’t prepared to deal with a disaster. And unfortunately, many kinds of  disasters close small businesses for good every year. If you can’t maintain contact with your customers through the worst times, your company could be in jeopardy.