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Making the Switch to Hosted Voice is Easier Than You May Think

Moving from a physical to virtual phone system doesn’t have to be complicated.

Chuck Harris

Moving from a physical to virtual phone system doesn’t have to be complicated.

Many businesses are choosing to focus on their core business offerings and are deciding to put the responsibility for running, maintaining, and managing their communication services into the hands of a hosted voice service provider.

Here are a few reasons why businesses are moving to hosted voice

  • With hosted voice the PBX is located in the service provider’s data center (aka “The Cloud”). They take on the responsibility for setting up, maintaining, and upgrading the system.  Removing this burden from the business is especially attractive in the small to medium enterprise market where IT staff may be non-existent or have other critical responsibilities.
  • A hosted voice solution can be particularly attractive for a business with many small or remote offices or those which need seasonal expansion. Take for example a company which many need to add locations during the holiday season; with a hosted offering it is very easy to temporarily add new employees by providing them an IP phone and an internet connection.
  • No upfront capital costs. With hosted, the payment model moves from one which is front-end loaded with high capital cost (purchasing and installing physical PBX hardware on the premise) to one which is more of a “pay as you go” monthly service model. You pay a monthly charge by the seat/user.
  • Scalability and expandability. As a company grows so does their need for additional services.  A hosted voice solution can expand easily and seamlessly.

Taking your company’s phone system virtual is easy and entirely affordable; Hosted Voice Service from nexVortex offers traditional and advanced business features to help you communicate more efficiently, professionally, and conveniently.

Hosted voice benefits:

  • Ability to create a virtual office, which allows employees to work from anywhere
  • Adds, moves and changes made easily via a web-portal
  • Easily add multiple sites and new users as the company grows
  • Comprehensive features: 24/7 auto attendant, call forwarding/routing, find me/follow me, call transfer, 3-way calling, call recording, voicemail, and message retrieval via phone, or email

The process of moving to a hosted voice solution is easy.  Here’s how it’s done.

Our 6 steps for implementing your hosted voice service

1).  Network assessment – Before we assemble your hosted solution we verify that your internet connection and network are VoIP ready.  We want to be sure you have sufficient bandwidth to deliver a quality solution.  A little upfront homework goes a long way.

2).  Completing a dial-plan – Our provisioning team will be in touch and lead you through the process to ensure your system is set up properly and efficiently.

3). Porting your phone numbers – nexVortex will work diligently on porting your existing phone numbers so the transition to your new hosted phone system is seamless, with your current phone numbers ringing through to your new hosted service.  If you don’t have any numbers to port, we can help you set up brand new phone numbers as well.

4).  Phone Provisioning – During the ordering process you can make the decision to either rent phones, buy new ones, or have your existing phones re-provisioned for service.

5). Turn-up call – Once everything is tested, we will coordinate and schedule with you a time for a turn-up call.  This gives everyone involved the opportunity to touch base and be sure that everything is ready to go, that we are all on the same page, and that expectations are being met or exceeded.

6).  Port/install date and training – by the port date, your system is all set up and ready to go.  We take you through a training webinar and introduce you to our support team.  We want to be sure you are comfortable using the system and that all your questions are answered.

Taking communications to the next level in business is not as complicated as it might seem. You can trust nexVortex to take you through the process in a helpful, careful, and disciplined manner. Contact us today to talk about your company’s needs.


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