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How Fast is Cloud Communications Growing?

Patti Dean

Do a search for the latest on hosted voice or VoIP statistics. The growth is substantial and the transition is well underway.

Cloud communications is inherently scalable and flexible. You buy only the services that you need, and grow them at a pace that matches your business growth. There’s absolutely no mystery behind why cloud communications is growing, and the growth is accelerating.

Could we have some actual numbers, please? Try these on for size.

Terrific trending

The research firm Future Market Insights reported that in 2012 the phone-to-phone market, started at about 35.9 million subscribers pulling $15.88 billion in revenue, and by 2019, those gains are forecast to spiral upward to 116.5 million subscribers and $44.78 billion in revenue, more than tripling subscriber counts and almost tripling revenues.

You’ve heard about the VoIP savings factor. The technology-trend following media site called Toolbox Tech reports that businesses can see an average savings of up to 75% when they switch to VoIP. Computer maker Dell reported that it’s saved nearly $40 million by switching to VoIP, primarily driven by the flexibility of allowing workers to telecommute.

The thing about statistics

Statistics showing growth and adoption validate the benefit of VoIP. It’s established and growing.

These positive numbers grant permission to explore the opportunity – if you haven’t started already – look at a move to a cloud communication service.

Try this perspective.

Cloud-based VoIP is like outsourcing

Companies elect to outsource non-revenue-generating activities, so they can focus on increasing the activities that foster growth and innovation. Traditionally, these were administrative parts of the organization.

Today it includes business services, with IT management services leading the way. VoIP belongs in this category. Why take the hit of capital expenditures and the cost of employees to maintain your voice and data services when it can become a diminished operating expense by transferring it to the capable hands of a cloud-based communications provider?

Engineered for the way businesses must operate today

Your organization must remain competitive – and to do that, your need for agility is more crucial than ever. You’ve got to have the ability to deploy affordable scalability. It needs to fuel productivity, and it has to help your business do more with less.

Cloud-based hosted voice can take you from a handful of users to enterprise-sized growth, and that’s music to the ears of companies that have seasonal fluctuations in operations.

There’s little to no initial investment (phones can be purchased or rented), which is vastly different than the historically large capital expenditures to which many firms had become accustomed. Budgeting can be easier and operational costs can be forecast because of predictable monthly billing.

Best of all, hosted voice is administered by your cloud communications service provider. It puts you back in the driver’s seat of managing your business, rather than your business services.

As a leader in delivering cloud communication services, nexVortex would love to discuss how we can help you address your business communication needs.  On February 14th we announced our newest offering — Managed Hosted Voice which delivers Quality, Availability, and Visibility for Hosted Voice.  It’s a game changer.  Contact Us Today.


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