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Cloud-Based Voice Communication Makes Both Dollars and Sense

Patti Dean

For small businesses and businesses with several locations, a hosted voice service might be a perfect solution.

The Cloud has changed the economics and dynamics of delivering every service, especially voice.

Whether you have a small company or a large one with dozens of sites with hundreds of users, moving to a hosted voice solution can be a winning combination of comprehensive features, flexible phone options, and reliability, all at a cost lower than if you were to opt for an on-premises PBX system.

While the technology behind Cloud-based communications is both complicated and complex, a fully-featured hosted solution can be easy to use and easy to deploy if you choose the right partner. Other than needing VoIP phones for your employees, everything else is in the Cloud and is maintained, upgraded, and kept current by your cloud communications provider. Consider these advantages of subscribing to a hosted voice service:


With a Cloud-based solution, it is easy to scale up or down. Your company will have the voice services you need, whenever and wherever you need them. There’s no need to invest time and money in expensive hardware or to pay for unused capacity.

Better Productivity

Your people can be in contact wherever they are; all they need is an IP phone and an internet connection. So even if you have remote workers and multiple locations, everyone will be on the same platform and can connect seamlessly, enabling your staff to communicate, collaborate, and share more efficiently. Increased connectivity means increased productivity, and that can help increase your bottom line.

Better Customer Experience

With a Cloud-based service, your company can be more responsive to customers and prospects. With features such as Find Me, Follow Me, and Auto Attendant, you won’t miss calls. These features provide your customers and prospects with a better customer experience, which translates to giving your company a more favorable image, leading to more sales.

No Hardware, Maintenance, or Troubleshooting Hassles and Expense

With Cloud-based communication, the only equipment you need is a VoIP phone for each employee. Gone is the PBX box, along with the capital expense, maintenance, and service fees associated with an on-premises PBX system. With nothing to install, implementation of a Cloud-based service is quick and painless. As a small company, you might not have an IT staff, and with hosted voice you won’t need one for your phone service. If you do have an IT staff, they can concentrate on projects that add more to the bottom line instead of focusing time on phone installation, management, and troubleshooting.

Latest Technology and the Best Features

Your hosted voice service will always be current, leading edge, and future-ready. Cloud-based solutions are automatically upgraded and constantly maintained by your cloud communications provider as the technology advances. With the Cloud, small businesses now have inexpensive access to a wide range of features that will help them communicate more efficiently, professionally and conveniently.

Flexibility and Simplicity

Features can be tailored to your needs, and easily adapted as your business requirements change. You determine the number and type of seats that you want, and you can easily make changes on the fly via a web-based dashboard which is perfect for implementing adds, moves, and changes as your business evolves.


While it may feel like you would lose control of your system by moving to the Cloud, for many companies, the opposite is true. With hosted voice, you can easily manage the entire system via a simple web-based console. Monitor usage, sort data, export detailed reports, and even set up real-time billing without the need for complicated back-end software.

Less Phone Downtime

They say talk is cheap, but lack of talk can be very costly if your system goes down and your people can’t communicate with each other, or with customers. A Cloud-based system is highly unlikely to be affected by factors such as power outages and severe weather conditions. That is because the Cloud provides built-in redundancy so that if something goes wrong at one data center, it will immediately reroute, and deliver service from an unaffected redundant site, resulting in no communication interruption for you.

At nexVortex, we are experts in Hosted Voice solutions and are committed to providing Uncommon Service and Support to all our customers. Contact us today to find out more about our Cloud services and how we can help transform your business.


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