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4 Benefits of Employee Engagement

Patti Dean

If your employees aren’t engaged, can you expect your customers to be?

While the advantages of a caring workforce may seem self-evident — surprisingly — employee engagement has only recently entered common business nomenclature.

Let’s use an airline analogy.  Imagine you booked a flight due to its low price and that you were not aware of all the “rules” associated with additional charges.  Then you find that you not only have to pay for your carry-on, but they tack on an additional twenty dollars because you didn’t pay for your checked bag online.  You are not happy, and you have not even gotten on the flight yet.

When the flight attendant stops by during drink service, he beams a happy smile and seems genuinely there to help you. Would you still feel like complaining? Certainly, some of us would, but for others, employee engagement and a human connection goes a long way to putting a face on the company.

4 unexpected benefits of an engaged staff

While not everyone is equally passionate about their job, employee engagement manifests pride, even in tasks nobody really wants to perform. In fact, an engaged workforce lays the foundation for a surprising spectrum of benefits.

  1. Employee wellness. Sick, stressed out, employees are going to reflect those conditions in their work.   Disengagement makes work a chore, elevates stress levels, and can lead to health conditions.
  2. Retaining top talent. Chances are your best employees have options — the more engaged they are, the less likely they are to explore them.  When employees recognize the bigger mission, and feel like they’re a part of a team, it can make leaving virtually unthinkable.
  3. Believers sell — unconsciously. Think about all the times you’ve explained what you do for a living. While it doesn’t happen every day, it’s probably come up more times than you remember. Each time a member of your staff answers that question is an opportunity for casual promotion. If they believe in the company, it’s likely to come through in their word choices, emotions, and through how they discuss their job.
  4. Happy shareholders. Engaged employees perform better, thereby generating customer loyalty and word of mouth promotion.  Those combine to drive revenue, additional business, and profits.  

Inspiring employee engagement

If employee engagement were easily achieved, it wouldn’t be a topic fit for discussion. Of course, in some industries, it’s easier than others. Nevertheless, the same core elements can apply to everyone.

For tips on how to tell if your staff’s fully engaged in their jobs, visit our blog, “Employee Engagement Can Make or Break a Business.”


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