nexVortex Sets the Bar for Hosted Voice Quality and Resiliency

Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) Delivers Quality, Availability, and Visibility HERNDON, VA (February 14, 2018) – As a leader in Cloud Communications and an industry expert in both SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice, nexVortex today announced a new service offering —...
Managed Hosted VoiceSometimes You Just Know It

Managed Hosted Voice
Sometimes You Just Know It

You know quality when you see it, or in this case when you hear it. Poor quality voice calls caused by packet loss, delay, and inconsistent internet service can ruin a conversation and a company’s brand, as well as burn resources, time, and money trying to...
In Business Relationships, as in All Others – Trust is Earned

In Business Relationships,
as in All Others – Trust is Earned

7 tips for earning trust. Most people have good intentions, and we want to trust each other. However, some consumers have learned to approach businesses with the cautious paranoia of a prey animal. 1).  Honesty, above all. Albert Einstein said “Whoever is careless...
Definitive Troubleshooting Stops the Finger Pointing

Definitive Troubleshooting
Stops the Finger Pointing

Pin-pointing Call Quality. Common sense insists that if you don’t know what needs to be fixed then you can’t solve the problem. Furthermore, if you don’t know WHERE a problem is occurring – where do you even start to begin fixing it? The fact is the average VoIP call...
BYOD in the WorkplaceWhat You Need to Know

BYOD in the Workplace
What You Need to Know

If you have ever seen a rotary phone in person – perhaps in an antique store or maybe tucked away in a closet in your grandmother’s house – you may have laughed or looked at it like a museum relic. It’s kind of amazing to think about how far communications technology...