SIP Trunking Service

Clear and Reliable Voice Service For Business

Save with high-quality, feature-rich voice service from nexVortex.

Businesses can save money by using nexVortex SIP Trunking service while maintaining their investment in their on-premise PBX.


Our standard SIP Trunking service plans allow you to add calling capacity automatically.  Often referred to as “burstable trunks,” we support this capability at no additional charge.

Disaster Recovery

Utilize our powerful portal to set up auto-detecting disaster recovery.

Our capability allows you to set predetermined failover rules for all of your DID and Toll Free Numbers.

Our SIP Trunking enables your business with high-quality voice service and includes features such as scalability-on-demand, multi-location deployment, local E911, and auto-detecting disaster recovery.

Details and Implementation

New or Legacy PBX Phone Systems

Our service is standards-based which ensures compatibility with your existing PBX. We are compatible and certified with all major phone systems.

If you have a legacy PBX and are using a PRI (Primary Rate Interface) for your network connection, we can provide a gateway to covert PRI to SIP so you can save money and keep your current PBX.

Multi-Site & Remote Phones

You can extend your savings by sharing our minute plans across multiple locations. Why pay for excess minutes at each location if you don’t have to?

Our support for remote phones and our ability to verify the E911 location address with a phone call protects your employees and your business.

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