SIP Enable Your Legacy PBX

The Benefits of SIP

While Keeping Your Legacy PBX


Many businesses have an existing investment in a PBX and are using PRIs to connect to the phone network.

While they may want to move to SIP for phone service and get off of expensive PRIs, they may also want to protect the capital investment already made in the PBX.

Simply said, they don’t want to replace their PBX but they want the benefits of SIP Trunking.

EasyPath leverages SIP and maintains the continuity of your legacy PBX.

nexVortex Has the Solution – EasyPath

nexVortex EasyPath is a piece of customer premises equipment that converts the PRI interface coming out of a legacy PBX to SIP so that a business owner can get the cost benefits of SIP trunking but still maintain the investment in the legacy PBX.

Our EasyPath solution comes with a pre-engineered rental gateway, which includes minutes, auto-detecting disaster recovery capability, support for multi-site and remote phone deployments as well as the required handling for local E911.

EasyPath can be ordered as a managed or un-managed service.

This solution allows you to take advantage of our SIP Trunking plans (reduced cost, business continuity, shared minutes across multiple locations, etc.) without having to make a decision about retiring your PBX.

If and when you’re ready to retire it, you can move to a hosted voice solution or upgrade to an IP PBX and connect SIP directly to that new system.  Because the EasyPath gateway is a rental, you won’t be left with stranded equipment when you make that move.

EasyPath Configuration


Download EasyPath Brochure

EasyPath makes your migration simple and provides immediate savings by using cost effective SIP Trunks instead of more expensive and outdated PRI services.


Our SIP Trunking Provides
  • Flat-rate calling – say goodbye to toll charges in continental US and Canada
  • Disaster recovery and failover to preset routes of your choosing (Link here)
  • Eliminate analog lines for E911 support

The Benefits of Using EasyPath

Immediate Benefits

  • Cost savings by using SIP with a non-SIP PBX
  • Auto-detecting disaster recovery
  • No capital outlay (pre-engineered rental gateway provided)
  • Remote phone E911 support
  • Scalability (Internet service scales better than channelized PRI)

Common Uses

  • SIP benefits with older PBX
  • Step 1 in a migration plan to hosted voice or an IP PBX
  • Combination environments with a mix of legacy PBX and IP PBXs within the same company
  • SIP-based PBX with existing investment in PRI cards

Required Components

  • PBX with PRI card(s)
  • Internet connection
  • EasyPath solution

Uncommon Support

  • EasyPath is implemented with the help of the nexVortex provisioning and support teams.
  • EasyPath customers are provided a pre-engineered gateway that will be set up to work with your existing PBX settings. Multiple network configurations are supported including using a DMZ.
  • During the pre-sales process, we’ll help you evaluate your environment to make sure you have sufficient Internet access and the correct network design to support your EasyPath service.
  • A US-based project coordinator will work with you to ensure your project is on track from test to turn up.

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