SIP Trunking for Auto Dialers

nexVortex has built a platform uniquely designed to support the requirements of Auto Dialers. Scalability on demand, excellent voice quality, and an advanced call processing architecture help maximize your dialers’ capabilities. Every nexVortex customer has access to an advanced management portal with robust tools that give you the power to control your account from your fingertips with features such as real-time billing and call reporting. Custom pricing with short-term service plan agreements offer both value and flexibility.

Features and Benefits of nexVortex Dialer Service

Scalable Trunking on Demand

Each nexVortex Dialer Account comes with a generous amount of included SIP trunking channels so you can scale up and down as you need to.

6/6 Billing Increments

nexVortex service plans are set up with 6/6 billing increments helping you avoid short duration penalties.

High Quality Voice

In addition to high quality routing, the nexVortex call processing architecture provides our dialer customers with superior call quality with a platform built for scalability and redundancy.

Utilize Your Existing Broadband Connection

No additional investment is needed provided you have an Internet connection with enough broadband access.

Flexible Billing Plans

We can customize a plan to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Web Portal

Through your own portal you can access real time billing and reporting among other account tools

Interoperability with Most IP-Dialers

nexVortex makes set up easy, as it is interoperable with most IP-Dialers

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