Connecting to the Cloud

Connect to the Cloud

In today’s connected world, when communication services are delivered effectively and reliably, people get work done and businesses build secure, trusted relationships with their customers.

Voice service and the spoken word are still the backbone of human communication and the lifeblood of business. At nexVortex, we take our role in delivering high-quality, reliable voice service very seriously.

Our customers depend on it for their business and so they depend on us.

Voice communication lays the foundation for trusted relationships which is the fuel of long term business success.

We understand that different companies have different demands for the performance of their voice service and so we have offerings tailored to meet specific needs.

Whether you need SIP Trunking, Managed SIP Trunking, or access circuits to connect to the Cloud, we have your solution.

Conversations connect people and connections build relationships.


Connect Your PBX to the Network

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  • Use your existing internet connection
  • Save money compared to legacy trunking
  • Inter-operable with most phone systems
  • Unlimited concurrent call capacity
  • Auto-detecting disaster recovery
  • Choice of minute packages
  • 10 years — 99% retention rate


Replace PRIs with Confidence

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  • Quality, visibility, proactive support
  • Address QoS with multiple connectivity options
  • Inter-operable with most phone systems
  • Definitive trouble shooting
  • Monitoring and reporting

Carrier Services

One Stop Shop for Access

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  • Ethernet, T1, MPLS direct connect
  • Negotiated relationships with major carriers
  • Provisioned, managed, billed, and supported
  • Optional monitoring and alert services

Our Cloud Connected Voice Services

  • Engineered for business communications
  • Comprehensive solutions portfolio
  • Powerful portal for complete service visibility
  • Inter-operable with most phone systems
  • Worry-free and verifiable E911 implementation
  • Ability to customize disaster recovery for DID and Toll services

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Easy to do business with
  • Extremely experienced team
  • Fast and flexible in responding to customer needs
  • Reporting tools for complete visibility
  • Implementation processes developed over 10 years
  • Experts at painless number porting
  • Project management ensures on-time and on-budget performance

The Big Picture

We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions that work.

Our approach is holistic; we wrap our solutions in an array of operational support systems,
delivery processes, and diagnostic and reporting tools which make them, and us, the easiest to work with in the industry.

Let Us Help You Find a Solution that Meets Your Business Needs

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