Carrier Services

Internet Connectivity Solutions Perfectly Matched To Meet Your Needs

Through our negotiated carrier agreements, nexVortex can provide you with a variety of Internet connectivity solutions to meet your needs.

T1, Bonded NxT1

nexVortex offers a national footprint for T1 and bonded NxT1 circuits. T1 connections provide a synchronous     1.5 Mb upload/1.5 Mb download speed, static IP addresses, and a Service Level Agreement.


T3/DS3 connections are available in most markets. These connections are provisioned as a full 45 Mb connection or as a fractional 45 Mb connection, and come with static IP addresses, and a Service Level Agreement.

This provides our customers with quality internet access and aggressive pricing from a provider that has an independent perspective.

Connection pricing is dependent on the physical location of the circuit and the underlying carrier delivering the connection.

Ethernet and EOC

Ethernet and Ethernet over copper are available in metro markets. These high quality connections offer attractive pricing per MB as well as the ability to scale, static IP addresses, and a Service Level Agreement.

MPLS and Point to Point Infrastructure

nexVortex MPLS and point-to-point circuits are available in nearly all markets in the continental US.

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